Monday, December 5, 2011

So you want to be an Outdoor Educator?

We meet a lot of people in our travels who are interested in becoming Outdoor Educators, or working in the field of Outdoor & Experiential Education. This might even include positions as varied as Wilderness or  Eco-Tour Guides,  Advanced-Level Trippers, Expedition Leaders,  Adventure Leaders, Tour Operators, Logistics Coordinators, or even just Outdoor Enthusiasts.

We know as employers in this field, that there are some very definite must-haves for applicants who are interested in employment with many of the above-listed titles. The list of must-haves is even more important if you are looking to get a position beyond just basic camp counsellor roles and related pay-grades. The first and foremost amongst these must-haves is the necessity of possessing and maintaining current industry-standard certifications in things like Wilderness First Responder and Swiftwater Rescue Technician for those seeking to lead in a moving water environment. However, much like how nowadays you are no longer guaranteed a steady-paying job with an undergraduate degree, you must also possess more than just certifications. Experience is the name of the game, and without it you are unlikely to find work easily!

Seeing the need for a "one-stop-shop", Leaders of the Day have carefully crafted a modular program that serves all of these needs and more. Not only does our newly-updated Outdoor Educator Certification Program (OECP) allow you to combine the modules that are just right for you, your experience, and your desired work path, but we have strategically arranged them in such a way that allows you to tick these items off of your list in as short a time as possible and still be out in time for the peak of the summer season. Not only will you be able to contact a potential (or current employer) and tell them that you will have all of this new experience accumulated before the summer even starts, but you will have the rest of the summer to work and make money doing what you love more than anything - working outside!

Our Leadership Field Practicum delivers beyond just certifications and begins to add considerable experience to your resume... just what employers want to see.  Join us for an experience of a lifetime paddling the Harricanaw River starting in Quebec and paddling all the way to James Bay. Along the way you will learn all about low-impact camping, knot-tying, whitewater canoeing, risk assessment and group management, navigating with a map and compass, and of course the delicate craft of cooking over open fire, among other valuable skills. Once you reach James Bay, you will be met and water-taxied back to Moose Factory by First Nations community members. The next day you will say your goodbyes and board the Polar Bear Express Train as a group & travel back to Cochrane, ON where our team will meet and escort you back to base camp for a course-end graduation & celebration banquet!

As if that wasn't enough... we take things one step further. With our breadth and depth of experience in the field, Leaders of the Day Co-Founders, Tony Cox and I are invested in our students' success. We are happy to help you find the right fit in an employer or stream of Outdoor Education that reflects your strengths and talents. So much so, that we will observe each of you and make recommendations about where you might find a great fit with an employer. In some cases there can even be opportunities to further develop your skills as an intern or employee with Leaders of the Day.  In many cases we will be happy to make a call on your behalf and say really nice things about you too!

So there you have it. For more information about the different modules available with our OECP and the different skills taught within them, be sure to visit the OECP page on our website!

Thanks for visiting our blog. Stay tuned, as there is always more to come from Leaders of the Day and the Institute for Transformative Experience.

See you out there!
Jonathan Carroll
Co-Founder & Director
Leaders of the Day

Friday, November 18, 2011

Trailhead Program - University of Guelph

Most people say that if you are going to tell a story that you should start at the beginning.  However, in our line of work we spend a lot of time starting with the end in mind and then working our way backwards from there. So, as I sit to write a Blog about this year’s Trailhead Program partnership with the University of Guelph, I am drawn to do the same.  Endings after all are just really powerful new beginnings.

One of the things that I often tell students participating in our programs is that as the final day of their adventure approaches that there will be some moment, when they will “glance back over their shoulder” to take stock of all they have done and accomplished and that they will be truly amazed. Students often smile and take that comment in, perhaps thinking that it’s a nice idea or an interesting catch phrase, but on the final night of the expedition as we sit by the fire, there is no doubt that they all believe it.

It was Day 4 of our expedition in the interior of Algonquin Park. We had pushed hard to get off the beaten track and to escape the busier lakes and the tourist crowd. For our efforts, we found ourselves deep in the park. We had been rewarded with incredible wildlife encounters - including an unforgettable opportunity to drift by a moose in our canoes! We had incredible pastel sunsets and sunrises and the incredible satisfaction of knowing that it had been our own hard work and determination that had gotten us there.
Our group had worked hard and really pushed themselves to try new things. They portaged canoes, cooked on fires, camped in tents beneath the stars and learned to work with and trust one another while traveling some of Canada’s most beautiful landscapes. There was a lot of laughter, stories, great food and the opportunity to have a pause from the busy push of life and work, to dream about the future for a while in some stunning places.

As we set up our campsite for our final night together on a lake free from any other groups of adventurers, we excitedly re-capped all the incredible memories that people were going to be taking home with them. That night we baked fresh cinnamon buns over an open-fire then built up the fire to enjoy our final night on Moccasin Lake. 

As we sat there in the glow of the fire-light, many of the students spoke about how the expedition had really drawn out their strengths in unexpected ways and had helped them to focus their sights on their futures. Others spoke about how important it had been to share such a fun adventure with new friends. 

Trailhead Program graduates had this to say about their experience:
"The Trailhead program is one of the best pre-orientation events at the University of Guelph. I highly recommend you take part in this wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet fellow first year students, learn about the environment, how you can do better in university, and have some fun! Canoeing in picturesque Algonquin Park under the mentorship of Leaders of the Day was life changing. As a first year student I learned and laughed a lot as our trip unfolded. If I had the chance, I would definitely go again. If you love canoeing, camping, having fun, the outdoors, getting ahead in university, and portaging then this is for you! Well maybe you won’t like portaging the very first time, but I bet you will by the end of the trip; I know I did!" - Alexander Heinze, first year student at the University of Guelph

"Once again, thanks again for such an amazing experience, I truly feel like a changed person and like I'm ready for this next adventure in my life."  - Holly McEwan, first year student at the University of Guelph

It was a group of strangers that arrived for their adventure on the Trailhead Program with Leaders of the Day this summer, but it was a group of friends who shared the bus ride home!  If you or someone you know will be enrolling at the University of Guelph as a new student this year, we invite you to be a part of the Trailhead Program experience.  After all, the Trailhead is where all great adventures begin.  Let us help you with the start of this one... You can register today by visiting the Trailhead Page at Leaders of the Day! 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Gwich'in Leaders of Tomorrow Program (NWT, Canada)

This summer, Leaders of the Day embarked on an incredible whitewater canoe adventure with a group of Gwich’in Youth who had been nominated by their communities as being the next generation’s possible future leaders.   During this unforgettable 20 day journey on their Traditional Lands, our group paddled from the Yukon to the Northwest Territories on the Ogilvie and Peel Rivers, winding 470 km north across the Arctic Circle and home to the Gwich’in community of Fort McPherson.  There on the banks of the River, they were warmly welcomed home by the members of their families and communities.

In a place where almost 50% of the population is under 20 years of age, the Gwich’in Tribal Council is making strategic investments in the futures of their young people.   Their hope is that by helping to excavate the unique talents of the next generation that they will develop strong skills for Leadership and through the nature of this shared adventure, will deepen the bonds that unify their northern communities.

Each day of their adventure this summer provided opportunities for them to step out and beyond what was familiar to them and to truly embrace their own spirits of adventure.  While some of the youth had certainly spent time on the land with their families before, for many it was their very first time paddling a canoe or sleeping in a tent in their Traditional Territory.

Leaders of the Day’s powerful “Learner to Leader” approach engages young people in the very hands-on challenges and problem solving that accompany an arctic river voyage. The very intentional design of the program helps to extract the skills that they are learning and practicing and makes them intensely relative for life after this adventure.  Trust, generosity, judgment, cooperation and courage are all valued qualities in future leaders.

The group drove down the Dempster Highway, south from Inuvik to avoid the costly expense of charter flights and the youth began their adventure where “the River meets the Road”.  While on expedition, Leaders of the Day provided youth with all the necessary equipment and specialized clothing they require to safely enjoy their voyage together.  On an expedition this remote, having the right equipment and the right team of experienced Instructors is absolutely essential.

Equipping youth with what they need for an adventure like this goes far beyond the choice of rugged tents and durable packs; it is quite literally about helping them learn about their greatest strengths as people.  It is about providing the framework of an incredible adventure with skilled facilitators and then helping them to unearth their own greatness, confidence, and unique voices.  It is not just about packing for this adventure but for all the many adventures in their lives that are to follow.  

The concept of this unforgettable “Journey Home”, designed in collaboration with Elders and the Gwich’in Leadership is powerful in so many ways.  As youth cross over the threshold of their everyday experiences and have the incredible opportunity to travel in the footsteps of those who came before them, coming “home” takes on a whole new meaning. It honours and recognizes youth for the positive choices they are actively making and reinforces that people will gather to celebrate their strengths and be proud of the strong people they are striving to become.

Here's what one of the students had to say when asked about the experience:
Kelly Henderson (for Leaders of the Day): “What do you think your ancestors would say about you travelling this watershed?”
Brianna Storr (Gwich’in Youth): “Well, I think they would be very proud because nowadays many youth don’t really care about the land… they want… they’re more into fashion, like clothes and like money… like whatever they wanna do, like a lot of youth are doing their own thing nowadays than usual but also sometimes they should take the time to think about their culture and go on the land and enjoy it, but I think that they (her ancestors) would be proud that I made the choice myself to come on this trip.”

Kelly Henderson (for Leaders of the Day): “If a friend asked you why they should do a trip like this, what would you say?”
Brianna Storr (Gwich’in Youth): “If you want to learn something different, if you want to experience a lot of things in life and know how to not rely on many things and depend on people but yourself, this is the trip for you. If you want to see beautiful scenery, if you like canoeing, then yeah… if you wanna push your strength and see what you’ve got, get on this trip!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Re-Align Your Life Compass: High Octane, Transformative Experience

Hi everyone:  It has been a while since my last article, but it is one of my resolutions this year to be posting here much more often, so stay tuned! In my family, the turning of the New Year is a time of reflection in which we devote some energy to thinking about the triumphs, challenges and events of the year that have been, and excitedly turn our eyes towards the new one and all its many possibilities.

New Year’s is one moment in our North American culture where many of us will pause, however briefly, to consider our life’s direction and “check our bearings” before entering the current of the year that is “down river”. In doing so, we steady our own internal Life Compass as we take stock of where we are standing now and dream of where ideally we wish to be standing next.

Throughout history, adventurers and explorers the world over looked to many important instruments to help them safely find their way.  Since the compass became popular as a tool for navigation in the eleventh century, human beings have trusted the persistent path-finding of its tiny needle to help align them with their intended destinations.

Sometimes however they encountered misadventures, unexpected challenges and setbacks that left them confused, turned around or sometimes feeling more than a little lost.

With challenges behind them, there always came a time of reckoning when they turned to their compasses, to regain their sense of direction and to plot a new course for the next leg of their journeys.

A few years ago my colleague Jonathan sat down at the drawing board and designed the Life Compass Program to help young adults to do just that.  The inspiration for its creation was to craft an exhilarating experience for young adults to step aside from life for a while and to immerse themselves in the currents of a transformative adventure.

Life Compass is grounded in many bodies of work including Master Storyteller Joseph Campbell’s Hero’s Journey model.  It has been designed for young adults 18-29 who consider themselves to be standing at one of Life’s confounding crossroads or transitions.

Whether it is a transition with: school, career, a relationship, or some other compelling life situation, Life Compass Program is the ultimate “Pattern Interrupt”.  It’s about “shaking things up”; excavating people’s possibilities and then supporting them as they find their feet again.

At the very heart of the Leaders of the Day Challenge {“Seek the courage to step outside the familiar; the boldness to experience new frontiers within yourself and to consistently pursue greater personal excellence.”} is the very D.N.A. of the Heroic Journey and that all-important willingness to cross powerful thresholds in our lives.

The students of our Life Compass Program give themselves the gift of 28 incredible days to re-invent themselves daily as they are invited to boldly step out of their everyday circumstances and into the heart of an unforgettable whitewater adventure - together.

The exciting and dynamic settings offered by whitewater environments present powerful metaphors for Life’s ever-changing variables.  Life is always moving and never truly the same as it was a moment before.  We can fight the current, go with the flow, or “eddy out” and walk!

This high-octane, transformative experience immerses participants in the world of whitewater paddling.  Some of the powerful elements of this program include: experiencing the high adventure of whitewater rescue training; becoming certified as a Level 1 Raft Guide while running the world class Ottawa River; hurtling down-river on an eye-opening whitewater canoe expedition with new found confidence; and then slowing it all down as you immerse yourself in our Wilderness Solo get the picture.

Both Jonathan and I have had the great opportunity to have lived and worked all over the world during our careers.  When at last we came together to envision and imagine Leaders of the Day as an organization, we agreed that what fed both of our passions most was the theme of transformative experience. In essence it is the power of a special moment or many such moments which conspire to fundamentally change how we think about ourselves, our capabilities and the very world around us.

Whether people come to us for a unique training opportunity, to kindle the flame of leadership, to taste success and challenge, or simply to embark on a remarkable journey, each helps to re-align the needle of Life’s Compass.

For more about our Life Compass Program click here.

Blog post written by Tony Cox: Co-Founder & Director - Leaders of the Day

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Specialist High Skills Major (Environment)

We can’t imagine a better way to kick off the fall season besides spending it out on the Land with an eager group of students. Earlier this week, Leaders of the Day launched its newly designed Program for the Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) - Environment Stream which satisfies many of the requirements set out by the Ministry of Education’s curriculum of the same name.

The program helps students to acquire essential certifications and experiences that position them for success in future careers related to the environment. It allows students to graduate not only with a broader spectrum of skills in their field of interest, but to have a more substantial resume to seek out future employment and/or internships.

This fall’s first SHSM program session unfolded over three remarkable days amidst the beautiful back-drop of our Spirit Point base-camp on the edge of Algonquin Provincial Park. The program drew a group of talented students from Almaguin Highlands Secondary School. The experience invited the students to step outside their daily routines and circumstances and out into the heart of an unforgettable learning adventure together in our incredible “wilderness classroom”.

The school selected 3 main ingredients from our extensive menu of program options: Leadership Foundations, Flat Water Canoeing Skills and Nature Discovery activities all of which satisfy elements and themes of the SHSM Environment curriculum. The students, from a wide spectrum of social groups within the school came together and were pleasantly surprised by the depth of the friendships that were formed in such a short time.

Missy, a grade 12 student, commented “It’s so amazing that in just 3 days some of the ways that I look at the world have totally changed!” In addition to leaving with a Leadership Foundations certificate and level 1 Canoeing Certification, students were introduced to valuable skills essential to an environmental career path. Leaders of the Day’s innovative programming challenges students to understand the value of functional teams and introduced them to the great art of self-leadership as well as leading others. It also inspires students to consider not just simply what they want to become, but who they want to become.

Leaders of the Day have many options available for SHSM programming and can design either land or water-based curriculum for students. The Directors at Leaders of the Day have 35 years combined experience designing and facilitating experiences for students on 3 continents. Be in touch so we can create the perfect learning experience for you.

Blog post written by Tony Cox: Co-Founder & Director - Leaders of the Day

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Certifying Outdoor Educators at Leaders of the Day

Do you have a passion for teaching, but can’t face the idea of standing in a traditional classroom? Do you dream of deepening your own experience daily while supporting learners to step boldly past their fears and perceived limitations?

The Outdoor Educator Certification Program experience strikes a powerful balance between mentoring high-level, technical skills and teaching the foundational finesse skills of program facilitation. Both are essential to develop as a complete Educator. During this program our students have the incredible opportunity to: gain four Outdoor Professional certifications; paddle a legendary river; complete a wilderness solo experience in the far North; ride the Polar Bear Express; get one-on-one mentorship from talented Instructors and industry experts and begin to uncover your unique talents as an Educator. We call it the "one-stop-shop" for training experience, professional development, and industry-standard certifications. The compact nature of the program ensures a "fat-free" experience that cuts straight to the heart of what's important and necessary to be advancing within the field of Outdoor & Experiential Education.

Did we mention that you can earn a letter of reference during your program? Those who demonstrate particular excellence with their skills may even be eligible for summer Instructional work in the weeks directly following their graduation with one of our partner organizations or with Leaders of the Day. At Leaders of the Day, we help Leaders get a head start!

Our Institute Directors Tony Cox and Jonathan Carroll both bring a wealth of experience and over 30 years combined professional experience in the Outdoor Industry. They have led, designed and developed programs on 3 continents and are dedicated to infusing the O.E.C.P with their knowledge and experience.

Be sure you check out the full Program Description and register today. Class size is limited to 10 students per season. Good luck to all applicants!